High Speed Steel For Sale

Our stock of high speed steel for sale is supplied from the world’s finest steel mills to meet our customers demanding range of applications. A mill certificate of quality can be provided with every order.

High speed steel comes in a wide range of options, but each alloy shares a few basic characteristics. Review these features and the advantages of some common high speed steels to find the optimal product for your application.

We can produce any size high speed steel flat from our extensive block sheet and plate inventory.

Characteristics of High Speed Steel

High speed steel

Choose high speed steel for sale to create industrial manufacturing tooling. These features are crucial for creating reamers, drill bits, knife blades and more.

Create your own custom cutting tools for your manufacturing process or order high speed steel to manufacture leading knives and other consumer products.

Improved Hardness

After applying intense heat and controlling the cooling time, the basic structure of high speed steel is modified to create a durable alloy that can handle intense applications. The hardness of high speed tool steel allows you to create drills, hole punches and other tools that hold their edge well and enjoy decreased risk of breakage as you operate your manufacturing equipment.

Abrasion Resistance

A hard exterior isn’t just helpful at the cutting edge of your tooling. A durable drill shaft or mechanical components can reduce the effects of wear and abrasion. Look for high speed steel for sale that isn’t easily compromised from excessive wear.

High-Heat Capabilities

A cutting tool needs to withstand extreme heat, particularly if you’re cutting metal, concrete or other durable materials. Commercial cutting tool lubrication isn’t enough to keep the operating temperature low enough for some alloys, so use high speed tool steel to enjoy increased efficiency at high temperature ranges.

Types of Tool Steel

Order high speed steel for sale from one of these steel categories. There are a wide range of specific products you can order, but cobalt, tungsten, M4 and super high speed steel are some of the most popular for manufacturing purposes.

High Speed Cobalt

As little as 8% of cobalt in high speed steel can significantly alter its characteristics. High speed cobalt steel is valued for its abrasion resistance, heat protection and red hardness features. Choose a durable cobalt steel option, like M42, to increase your cutting speed and operational temperatures.

High Speed Tungsten

Tungsten is another common alloy that is added to high speed steel for sale for tool manufacturing. This durable material reduces the overall weight of a product while still enjoying a competitive hardness level.

Tungsten steels come in a number of alloys for various applications, so they are commonly organized into M type and T type categories. The largest difference between the categories is the amount of tungsten included in the steel, either 12% or more for T type or less than 10% for M type.

High Speed CPM REX M4

M4 high speed steel for sale is a popular option for cutting tools in the manufacturing industry. Select this high speed steel to enjoy dynamic wear resistance and impressive abrasive protection. The vanadium carbide content is responsible for its hardness, but it also makes M4 difficult to grind. Consider an alternative alloy if you need to resharpen and grind your cutting tools frequently.

Super High Speed Steel

Work with our team at Griggs Steel to discover how you can upgrade from HSS steel to super high speed steel. This category of alloys includes chromium, carbon, vanadium, tungsten and other elements to increase the already impressive heat resistance, abrasion resistance and precision of your tool steel. Compare this steel with others to find out how you can craft the latest cutting tools for your customers or enjoy leading forming and cutting tools for your industrial equipment.