High Speed Steel

Griggs Steel only supplies high speed steel stock from the world’s finest steel mills to meet our customers demanding range of applications. A mill certificate of quality can be provided with every order.

From the properties of our high-speed tool steel to our efficient and reliable service, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and insist on nothing but your absolute satisfaction. If our high-speed steel should ever fail due to a defect in the metal, we guarantee that we will credit the cost of the steel purchased through us, plus any work you have into the tools.

Please see our separate product data sheets for information on our entire inventory. All M2, M3, M4, M7 and M42 sizes, as well as particle metal M4, T15, M48, A11, PM 23, PM 30 and PM 60 sizes shown are in stock or on order at all times. Our M2 and M42 hardened round bar are also available for immediate shipment. These constitute what we consider our current “standard items.”

We can produce any size high speed steel flat from our extensive block sheet and plate inventory.


Nobody stocks more high speed steel than Griggs

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