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tool steel suppliersMachine shop tools must be designed to be rugged, sturdy, and precise during operation. That’s why it’s so important to take your time when reviewing tool steel suppliers, as the business you choose must strive for perfection with every order.

Here at Griggs Steel, we’re proud to support our clients by affording high-quality materials and dependable customer service. While your tooling needs may vary depending on the situation, we recommend our high speed steel for a number of uses.

This product is known for its hardiness and durability. It’s also quite versatile, as it can be used both in the industrial realm, as well as the construction of kitchen elements and other basic items.

Applications of High Speed Tool Steel

Our high speed steel is available in a variety of grades, in both plate steel and block sheet. In terms of grades, clients can choose from M2, M3, M4, M7, M42, PM 23, PM 30, PM 60, PM M4, PM T15, PM M48, or PM A11. When it comes to industrial needs, this steel product is ideal for creating saw blades, drills, tool bits, cutters, and taps. If you’re unsure what grade or size you need, we can help you make the best decision.

We can produce any size high speed steel flat from our extensive block sheet and plate inventory.

How Our Product Matches Up Against Other Alloys

cpm steelWhen it comes to other high speed steel suppliers, we’ll happily compare our product to other alloys on the market to highlight its many qualities. Much of its inherent strength comes from the inclusion of metal carbide, along with a sturdy steel substrate.

These two components combine to create a steel that can be used at ultra-high speeds without worries about a breakdown. Here are a few of the benefits this product offers our clients:

  • Reliability – This material can hold up against extreme temperatures, high speeds, and tough impacts, which is essential in a heavy-duty tooling environment.
  • Abrasion-Resistance – When your tooling equipment breaks down, you lose money. And the more time spent repairing tools, the more downtime you’ll be faced with. With our steel, you don’t need to worry about seemingly minor defects that can turn into a major issue.
  • Greater Affordability – Investing in us means lower operating costs overall. Tools derived from tough, rugged steel need to be replaced less frequently, which saves you money. It also ensures you can meet and exceed customer expectations as your machine shop is humming along.

Why You Should Work With Griggs Steel

We’ve been in business for more than 65 years. During this time, we’ve assisted clients of all sizes, including massive corporations as well as small, family-run businesses. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, no matter the size of the project. We’d hate to provide a product to you that doesn’t live up to your expectations, which is why we offer an expansive inventory to suit the needs of all machine shops.

In addition to our technical skills, we also pride ourselves on offering exemplary customer service at every turn. If you have questions about a product or a machining solution, just ask us. We’ll be happy to sit down and review your situation so we can help you make the right decision. Once your order has been completed, we’ll strive to get you what you need in the fastest time possible. And if you have concerns about cost, rest assured that we offer competitive prices to benefit our clients.

Let’s Talk High Speed Steel

Now that you know what we’re all about as a tool steel supplier, the next step is to get in touch with us. Feel free to contact us today if you have questions or would like to place an order for high speed steel. We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP so we can begin developing a tooling solution to ensure lasting success for your company.


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