High Speed Tool Steel

high speed tool steelThe skilled team of professionals at Griggs Steel produces a wide range of high speed steel options to offer you the raw materials you need for industry-leading performance.

Whether you’re creating tool bits, saw blades or other durable components, select the ideal steel for your product. Compare our types of tool steel, the basic properties of high speed steel and order high-quality, long-lasting steel today.

Please see our separate product data sheets for information on our entire inventory. All M2, M3, M4, M7 and M42 sizes, as well as particle metal M4, T15, M48, A11, PM 23, PM 30 and PM 60 sizes shown are in stock or on order at all times. Our M2 and M42 hardened round bar are also available for immediate shipment. These constitute what we consider our current “standard items.”

We can produce any size high speed steel flat from our extensive block sheet and plate inventory.

High Speed Tool Steel Explained

Leading steel mills work with a wide range of steel products for various industries. High speed tool steel is valued for its hardness, wear-resistance and long-lasting performance. Most tooling for cutting, forming and drilling applications uses a grade of this alloy.

Creating this type of steel involves precise combinations of these and other alloys:

  • Carbon steel
  • Molybdenum
  • Vanadium
  • Chromium
  • Cobalt
  • Tungsten

Alloying two or more materials occurs at high temperatures in precision mills for accurate performance. Each material adds a slightly different characteristic to the steel, so it’s important to work with a quality steel mill for the exact combination for your application.

Chromium is a great way to prevent scaling and increase hardenability. Molybdenum is a by-product of tungsten and copper production which increases the resistance to tempering and overall cutting efficiency in cutting tools.

Choose vanadium for abrasive wear resistance and retention of hardness. Tungsten is a popular element to add for overall temperature and cutting strength. Cobalt is used in some grades of high speed tool steel for improved heat conductivity, hardness retention and heat resistance. Finally, carbon is included for basic hardness.

As a sub-set of tool steel, the high speed category includes alloys with a few specific properties. Not all tools are made with high speed steel, but this category is used to define alloys used in high temperature, high speed applications.

Properties of High Speed Steel

The exact properties of steel vary considerably based on the added elements and the processing techniques. In general, high speed tool steel grades are chosen for these properties:
hss steel

  • Hardness
  • High temperature strength
  • Cutting efficiency
  • Wear resistance
  • Resistance to tempering
  • Resistance to scaling

Hardness is an essential element for any tool steel. Without a hard product, your blades, bits and cutting edges will quickly break, bend or snap. High temperature strength allows drill bits and other edges to continue to cut through steel and other materials without overheating and becoming compromised. Finally, resistance to scaling, wear and tempering improves the lifetime of your products.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but it represents some of the most desirable features of tool steel designed for high speeds. Many grades have similar features but focus on different aspects, so be sure to discuss your steel needs with the team at Griggs Steel. They can help you select the ideal option for your production facility.

Of course, these properties vary depending on the grade of steel you choose. Too much hardness can create a brittle blade, so these properties are balanced in different ways for different applications. Explore the types of tool steel available to find out how to select the best grade of alloy for your products.

Types of Tool Steel

Select the right type of block or plate steel for your manufacturing process with Griggs Steel. High speed steel is a sub-category of tool steel, but there are still many options to choose from. Here are the basic types of high speed tool steel available from our catalog:

  • PM M4, PM M48, PM T15 and PM A11
  • M2, M3, M4, M7 and M42
  • PM 23, PM 30 and PM 60

One of the most common high speed options is M2. This all-purpose steel is cost-effective and has balanced properties for typical tool use. You can create knives, saw blades, drill bits and other cutting products with this tool.

M4 is a popular option for extreme wear resistance. Choose this type for a blade that stays sharp for longer than other alloys. PM 30 includes cobalt and is particularly tough with great hot hardness.

M7 uses nitrogen modification and is common for twist drills. M42 includes vanadium and cobalt for improved performance at extremely high speeds. High levels of resistance keep M42 steel blades intact in demanding situations.

These are our standard item options available at Griggs Steel. If your manufacturing requirements demand special alternatives, ask us about unique alloys for your production line. Because of the many elements that can come together to create tool steel, there are numerous options for specialized use. Don’t settle for generic but look for a grade of steel that sets your products apart and offers the perfect balance of hardness, temperature resistance, cost and other features.

Benefits of Griggs Steel Products

At Griggs Steel, we’re proud to offer the highest quality of high speed tool steel at affordable prices. When you’re producing innovative products for use in commercial or household applications, you need leading steel products that get noticed. Work with a leading provider of steel alloys to compare and contrast options for your specific products. We’ll work with you to consider the pros and cons of common and uncommon steel alloys and offer you a competitive rate on the ideal option.

We know steel. Our team doesn’t settle for subpar steel production and neither should you. We work with leading steel mills around the world for leading manufacturers, small businesses and hobbyists. Order a few bars of steel to get started or schedule bulk orders for your entire production facility.

If you need round bar, sheet steel or block steel in any standard item, we can offer convenient ordering options and immediate shipping. Don’t wait for weeks for backordered materials but keep your production facility moving forward with the help of our Griggs Steel.

Applications for High Speed Steel

A wide range of tools uses high speed steel for their production. You don’t have to produce drill bits to enjoy these unique alloys. Here are some basic applications for our range of high speed steel:

  • Saw blades
  • Drill bits
  • Planers
  • Router bits
  • Kitchen knives
  • Files
  • Chisels

Any tool that needs a reliable blade and may perform in hot, fast situations can benefit from one of these tool steel alloys. The hardness is even useful in low speed situations, so pocket knives, chisels and hand planes can all use one of these alloys.

Some other products are also made with these alloys. Don’t let the name of tool steel hold you back, but order this steel for any product that requires similar features. Hard, temperature-resistant steel is popular in many situations, so think creatively when you’re looking for ways to use these dependable steel alloys. The same features that make these alloys excellent for cutting tools may make them great options for your unique application.

Order Griggs Steel Products Today

Contact us today to learn more about high speed tool steel or to ask about our inventory. Our extensive inventory includes far more than high speed steel, so you can find the materials you need for all types of applications. Compare flats, round bars, blocks and plates of diverse alloys today to enjoy great rates on high-end steel products to keep your facility at the cutting edge of quality steel tool production.

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